May 31, 2013

Lilac White Ghirardelli Chocolate Recipe

Lilacs are one of my very favorite flowers and I'm always sad when the short blossoming time comes to an end. Last night I searched for ways to preserve the amazing scent of lilacs and came across some interesting recipes using lilacs. I remember tasting a lilac flower as a kid and thinking that it was sweet, like honey. Today I created my own recipe celebrating lilacs using Ghirardelli white chocolate and fresh purple lilacs.

To prepare the lilacs, just dip the cluster into cold water and swish around a bit. I chose unsprayed lilacs from my yard, so I only needed to remove the dust from them. After allowing them to dry, I pulled the flowers from the stem until I had a nice dish of petals. You must make sure that there is no green at the end of each flower or your chocolate will taste bitter! You just want the petals!

I used the microwave to melt my chocolate using the directions on the bar, then mixed in the lilac petals and allowed the chocolate to set. It has a wonderful fresh flavor and the white chocolate is perfect because it doesn't overwhelm the lilacs. A great afternoon treat with tea.


  1. I need to try this! I've never had anything lilac before sounds neat

  2. We just moved into a home lined with lilac. I can not wait to try this recipe this spring! Great idea!

    1. You'll have to report back and let me know how you like it... It's a lot of work to prepare the flowers but it's worth it!