June 4, 2013

Perfect Pixie Cuts for Summer

I am always torn between wearing my hair cropped in a super short pixie or wearing it long enough to pull back in a ponytail. I love the ease of having longer hair, but in my opinion there is nothing more chic than a woman with short hair. It just shows a certain confidence and style that never goes unnoticed!

Here are some of my favorite pixie cuts for summer, starting with the popular new asymmetrical pixie and ending with some gorgeous brides with short hair.

It's sometimes hard to pull off hair accessories with a pixie cut or short 'do, but here are some awesome looking headbands, barrettes, and pins.

I had a pixie cut when I got married and wore a cute sparkling headband, but I wish I had seen some of these cute bridal accessories! They just prove that short haired brides are absolutely beautiful!

Check out my board on Pinterest "Hair Styles - Short, Shorter, Shortest!" for over 900 cute cuts for short hair! 

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  1. Thanks for advice about pixie and showing different ways of styling it. Also changing color or tone sometimes would spice it up a lot and that could make you look very edgy or beautiful. My hair is a pixie at moment and I try to never get bored abd frustrated with it. You have to take care of hair especially if it is short!