July 30, 2013

Organic Skin & Hair Products FOR MEN by Galen's Way

Galen's Way is an herbal skin care company out of Sebastopol, CA that uses whole plant extracts to make herbal skin care products for men and women. They don't just talk about "herbal artistry"... they are the real deal! They use organic materials whenever possible, they purchase herbs from small, family-owned organic growers, they recycle, they compost, and they give a portion of all profits to charity! 

Sounds amazing, right? But how are their products? AMAZING! 

Galen's Way provided a jar of EVERYMAN CREAM and a bottle of ABSOLUTE HAIR OIL for my husband to try. Now my dear hubby is very much a guy's kind of guy - not a "product" kind of guy. Having said that, he IS prone to some flaking and dry skin patches on his face and some irritation after he shaves.

He's been using the EVERYMAN CREAM for a little over a month now the dry, flaking patches on his face are completely gone. He likes how it feels when he puts it on after he shaves... nice and smooth and it doesn't burn. Best of all, he likes that it has a nice smell - sort of like fresh pine needles - instead of being perfumy like most of the other skin creams. He has already said that he will order more when his jar runs out!

The ABSOLUTE HAIR OIL is the product that he has been the most impressed with. He has talked about it so many times in the last month - he really loves it! He has always done a quick shampoo and that's it. Now, he sometimes uses the oil on his scalp and lets it sit for 20 minutes before he uses his shampoo, but every single day he puts a few drops of the hair oil on his palms and rubs it on his hair before work. It leaves his hair really nice and soft without being greasy. It smells similar to the EVERYMAN CREAM - just a nice, fresh smell.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Matthew from Galen's Way included the "Riot of Roses Trio" for ME in his shipment! He asked me to give it a try and said that he sincerely believed their rose cream was as good as a rose cream could get. I have to say that I agree with him! Keep an eye out for my full review - coming soon!

Galen's Way has extended a VERY generous discount just for readers of A Beautiful Little Life! You can get 20% off any of their products by entering the code ABLL20 at checkout when you order on their website!

I was provided product for review, but have not been paid for this post or compensated in any other way. The opinions are all mine! (and my hubby's...)


  1. I love these products! Thank you for writing about them.

    1. I love them too... so much that I wrote about them again today! Check it out! http://ablittlelife.blogspot.com/2013/08/radical-self-care-at-home-facial.html

  2. It is so great to read about healthy, non-toxic, herbal skin and hair care products for the men in our lives. I am so glad your husband had success with these products. I would love to gift my hubby with them as well. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful, green and natural alternatives on the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Blog Hop! I appreciate it!