September 30, 2013

Think PINK! October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

About 1 in 8 women (just under 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. 

1 IN 8!

I can't look at that number without thinking of me and my seven sisters. Fortunately, breast cancer is not prominent in our family history. (we have enough OTHER things to worry about!) 

September 29, 2013

Forever Young {Sunday Inspiration}

May you grow up to be righteous,
may you grow up to be true.
May you always know the truth,
and see the light surrounding you.
May you always be courageous,
stand upright, and be strong,
and may you stay forever young.
                    -Bob Dylan

September 28, 2013

Taking Care of Your Health {Self-Care Saturday}

Adorable Art by Geninne
I'm a terrible procrastinator when it comes to scheduling my regular health appointments... be it for a physical exam, for a dental exam and cleaning, or for an eye exam. You name it, I don't want to do it. And I'll admit that it's been 3 years since I've had a physical.

It's not easy to find a good doctor... and my last doctor really wasn't a very good doc. I'm tired of having doctors treat me like I'm someone less than. I don't want to be talked down to. I want a doctor that treats me like a partner. Someone who I can trust to give me good advice and who allows me to make my own decisions regarding my health based on the information provided.

September 27, 2013

Little Savory Pies - Hand Pie Recipes

There are versions of the "hand pie" or savory pie in almost every national cuisine. They are the perfect little meal to serve with a small salad during the fall months.

You can use your own imagination to decide what to put in yours - experimentation is the best - but here are the basic instructions on how to make hand pies.

September 26, 2013

Sweater Weather! Sweaters from + 20% OFF

V-neckline Cape Sweater with Fringe Hem - $32.00
YES! You can get 20% off your first order at just by clicking on the link that says 20% off your first order at! That's pretty amazing because their prices are TOTALLY great to begin with!

Here are some of my favorite sweaters from

September 25, 2013

Product Review: CARD Prepaid Debit Cards

Visa prepaid cards from
When I was approached by CARD debit cards to review their product, I was curious. I'd never heard of getting a debit card online, and I wasn't really sure who would be interested in their program, but I wanted to find out!

September 24, 2013

Does SIZE really matter?

The October issues of Marie Claire magazine has a great feature called "Scale and The City" that discusses weight across the country.

The story quotes Jennifer Lawrence as saying "In Hollywood, I'm obese." and Lena Dunham as saying "I'm not superthin, but I'm thin for, like, Detroit."

September 23, 2013

Tune In by Sonia Choquette {Book Review}

I have been a fan of Sonia Choquette since reading "Your Heart's Desire" at least 10 years ago. She was talking about creating the life you really want long before "The Secret" came along! I have always liked her writing style and the way that she presents information. The concepts are all spiritual, yet she is very practical and that is something that I always appreciate.

When I had the opportunity to review her latest book "Tune In: Let Your Intuition Guide You To Fulfillment and Flow" for Hay House Books I was super excited!

September 22, 2013

Happy First Day of Autumn {Sunday Inspiration}

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. - F. Scott Fitzgerald

September 21, 2013

Create a Cozy Sanctuary {Self-Care Saturday}

We spend most of our time indoors - especially during the winter months. Why not make these spaces as nurturing as possible so that the time spent there is special?

Whether you have small children, (or pets!) lack of time, or if you're just plain bored of your space it's time to do something about it! You don't have to be rich or have an interior decorator to love the rooms that you spend the most time in!

September 20, 2013

Feed A Cold: BEST Homemade Chicken Dumpling Soup

It seems like the first few weeks of school we always get sick. My college age son came home last weekend with a nasty cold and shared it with the rest of us. When I was sick, I was craving the chicken dumpling soup from the Old Bank Restaurant in Pierz, Minnesota - my home town. Frannie is the cook and she makes THE very best chicken dumpling soup ever! Whenever I make it back there, I stop and buy a few quarts of the chicken dumpling soup and freeze it. It is TO DIE FOR!

September 19, 2013

Puppy Sleeping Video

OK - I promise this will be my last puppy post for a while. I just can't help myself!

Pet Accessories for Puppies

You've probably seen either on Facebook, Instagram, or on my BISSELL post that we recently got a puppy! She's a golden lab mix and her name is Maggie. She is absolutely ADORABLE! A super sweet girl that loves to cuddle!

September 18, 2013

Cleaning Up After A New Pup!

This post brought to you by BISSELL Homecare, Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last Friday we adopted "Maggie" from the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society. She is an adorable Lab mix and my husband has wanted a lab for YEARS so we couldn't be happier! She's just the sweetest thing!

September 16, 2013

Mid-Century Modern Table Rescue

Last weekend I stopped at an estate sale in my neighborhood. It was the final day of the sale and everything was 50% off. (My favorite time to go!)

In the basement, there was a customer who had piled all of the tools he planned to purchase on top of a low, square table. As he was negotiating a price with the gentleman running the sale, I overheard him say that he was only wanting the tools - not the table. Wait... WHAT?!

I could immediately see it with an upholstered top in my living room! A perfect fit with our sectional couch. When I asked how much it was, he said that there was a top piece to it in the garage and he would take $5. SOLD!

September 15, 2013

September 13, 2013

4 Fabulous Fall Apple Recipes: Cobbler, Crisp, Cake & Pie

Baking with apples is a true sign of fall. I've got some fantastic recipes for apple treats to share with you today. I just took an apple cobbler out of the oven and had it for a late breakfast with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. YUM!

September 12, 2013

Fall Dresses & Accessories from ModCloth

I love to wear dresses year round. There is nothing easier to throw on and go!

The combo for fall goes like this:


September 11, 2013

Beautiful Outdoor Autumn Decor Ideas You'll Love!

Fall is in the air! The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler and it's time to think about switching up the summer outdoor decorations for some fall colors!

I love autumn! It's by far my favorite season. I love the colors - the deep burgundy, rust, yellow, brown hues are just beautiful.

I found some gorgeous autumn decorating ideas to give your home more curb appeal and thought I'd share them with you! 

September 10, 2013

Wabi-sabi Women! Stars Without Makeup

I was planning to do a beauty post today about how to do shimmery "smokey eye" makeup, but I was inspired by a conversation that I had with my sister today about "wabi-sabi". I referred to it as "ugly beauty" but wabi-sabi is a Japanese philosophy that celebrates beauty in what's natural... flaws and all.

It's applied to home decorating quite often - finding beauty in a wooden table even though it is scratched and worn, an heirloom rug that is worn in some places, a single branch in a vase.

September 9, 2013

Reinvented Office Space - Sneak Peek!

Almost ready to (FINALLY!) show off my reinvented office space. Here's a sneak peek.

A sign from my husband... He REALLY loves me a lot!

September 8, 2013

Very Little Is Needed to Make A Happy Life {Sunday Inspiration}

Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life. -Aurelius

from Gayana shop on Etsy!

September 7, 2013

Saturday Morning ME TIME! {Self-Care Saturday}

I know that most women wake up every day, rush to get ready for work, get the kids off, and head to work. There's no time for anything extra! But Saturdays are different. They are for getting things done that you couldn't get done during the week. They are for doing laundry, cleaning the house, shopping, running errands...

Why not carve out a bit of time for yourself on Saturday mornings? I'm not talking about anything major. DEFINITELY not another thing to add to your to-do list!
My ideal morning looks something like this... I feed the critters while making coffee, then enjoy my coffee while I hit the couch to read my favorite blogs, spend some time on Pinterest and check my email. After that, I do a quick 15 minute morning yoga routine, take a walk around the neighborhood with my husband, and then make a healthy breakfast. 

Maybe for you it's just having the extra time to fix your hair a certain way. Maybe you enjoy sleeping late and then jumping into your day. And maybe you don't want to do anything at all... just sit and enjoy a little peace and quiet. 

The more research that I do, the more clearly I can see that taking care of YOURSELF is the most important thing that you can do. Not only do we need to eat right and exercise our bodies, but we need to also value our own needs and desires and work to meet them. Self-care is about believing that you can't do the work you need to do in the world — including taking care of others — without first doing the hard work of taking care of yourself.

If you could do absolutely anything you wanted every day to start your day, what would it be? What would you do when you first woke up? What would you want to make time to do? What time would you start work on your ideal day? 

September 6, 2013

Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe

A tradition that was started years ago by my friend Cheryl is baking fresh, homemade cookies on the first day of school. The first day for my oldest son has come and gone, and my youngest doesn't start until Monday, but I thought I'd do a little baking today.

Both of my boys LOVE homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, so I thought I'd share this traditional soft cookie recipe. It's easy, quick and delicious!

September 5, 2013

Feng Shui Simply by Cheryl Grace {Book Review}

Cheryl Grace takes a traditional concept & puts a new and unique spin on it. I am not new to Feng Shui & I didn't expect to learn anything new, but Grace presents a new and very interesting way to look at Feng Shui! She sticks to the age-old concepts, using the classic Bagua map (a chart separating physical spaces into nine areas) she goes one step further, applying her "Inner Wisdom Bagua Map" that matches up to your own personal characteristics, beliefs, & attitudes.

Laying the Bagua map right over the floorplan of your home, you can select an area of focus depending on where you see the greatest need for improvement in your life. 

September 4, 2013

DIY Agate Bracelet

While we were on our camping trip a few weeks ago, I picked up this gorgeous Lake Superior Agate bead in Grand Marais, Minnesota...

I wasn't sure how to use the bead, but I knew that I wanted to make a bracelet.

Last night I finally got around to stringing it, and although I knew that I wanted something earthy and kind of boho inspired, I didn't really have any design in mind... I just thought I'd string a bit and see how it looked.

September 3, 2013

First Day of School - Never Stop Learning!

For many families, the day after Labor Day is the first day of school! When my kids were little, I would take a vacation day from work and take a day just by myself to relax.

Although neither of my kids have class today, I personally am attending my first "webinar" so in a sense, it's my first day of school today!

I'm amazed at how many opportunities there are to learn online. You can learn a foreign language, you can learn fabulous marketing tips, blogging skills, photography - you can even take a class from a Harvard professor!

September 2, 2013

Build a Wardrobe Series: Staples for Dress

Every woman needs basic dressy items in their closet. Be it a special occasion or a somber occasion, you'll always have the proper thing to wear.

Not only are these pieces perfect for a dressy occasion, but they will mix and match with your more casual items as well!

September 1, 2013

This is Your Precious Life {Sunday Inspiration}

This is your precious life. Savor it. Grab the ring on the carousel. Ride the roller coaster. Do cartwheels. Open your heart. Never leave love unexpressed. Forgive generously . Give openly. Follow your dream. Speak your truth. Laugh at fear. Take leaps of faith. MAKE BEAUTIFUL THINGS. Honor what you desire. Experience pleasure. Let your freak flag fly. Live daringly. Be unapologetically you.  
 - Lissa Rankin