January 20, 2014

Happy Hormones, Slim Belly by Jorge Cruise {Book Review}

When I was given an opportunity to review a new diet book written just for women over 40, I knew it was for me! I was provided a free review copy from Hay House Books... and this review is my opinion!

When the author said that women's sugar cravings are  hormone related, I said DUH! When he says that you have to cut sugar calories to lose weight but you have to eat sugar calories to balance your hormones, I wanted to know more.

His solution is what he calls "carb cycling" - a concept that remotely resembles the FAST diet but instead of limiting your total calories for 2 days each week, you restrict "sugar calories" for 2 consecutive days. (Sugar calories are nothing more than calories from carbs.)

I have always been completely about counting calories when it comes to dropping pounds... a real believer of the calories in / calories out concept. Recently though, my sis lost a ton of weight without counting calories by following the Paleo diet. It really made me think about things differently and so the timing of this book coming across my desk was perfect! 

I know that I couldn't cut carbs out completely, and I'm not sure that is a healthy way to eat. I can, however, do anything for 2 days! I like the ideas that this book presents because it's new and different than anything I've seen before. There are just a few things that bugged me. It would seem more scientifically credible to me if the author hadn't already written 18 different diet books. I also am not a fan of any program that gives me meal plans to follow, but instead would appreciate guidelines so that I can modify my existing diet instead of trying to cook completely different foods.

It's intriguing enough for me to try it, so I'll keep you posted on how things go... It would be fab if my sugar cravings became more manageable... And it would be great to drop some weight! I would recommend this book to any woman over 40 who is looking for something new! You'll definitely think about sugar and carbs differently after reading this book.

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