November 25, 2014

Pretty Party Ready Pixies! Pixie Hair Accessories with Sparkle

When you have super short hair, it's easy to feel like there aren't any ways to make your hair look special for a party. I fall into a rut and my hair ALWAYS looks the same!

This year for the holidays, I want to change it up and add a bit of sparkle. I've looked all around the web to find some pretty party looks that you can pull off - even with super short pixie hair!

It's all about adding  a pretty headband, hair clip, or barrette to make your look special. Here are some of my favorite looks!
This is the perfect look for Thanksgiving if you're sporting a longer, shaggy pixie this season. Adorable!

Another cute look for Thanksgiving - this time shown with a more traditional, short pixie cut.

This is one of my very favorite looks for a party. Just be careful not to look too bridal! 
You'll want to  wear this headband with bright colors, or even an all black outfit.

You may recognize this woman. She's in the first pic I have shown here, and is a total PRO at accessorizing pixie hair. Check out her blog, Whippycake, for tons of inspiration!

This headband looks so pretty - and comfortable too! A satin band behind the "jewels" will keep your hair from getting tangled and keep your scalp from getting poked!

I love this simple, stretchy band on a super short pixie. It gives a special look without being too busy.

Here's another simple band that has major sparkle! LOVE IT!

Anne Hathaway knows how to do it! Another simple band looks chic and effortless.

In this case, the headband adds far less drama than the bright orange shade of her hair! 
What a head turner!

A black and white bow could go formal with the right gown!

A flower barrette pins a sideswept bang back. 


  1. i have just got this cut and after haveing long hair forever lol i am getting some great tips and am ecited now about my new do lol

    1. Congrats on having the confidence to make the giant leap! I wonder if, after 3 months, you're still loving it? Let me know!

  2. I LOVE the 4th one from the top--the one with the pearls. Where can I buy this? I am getting married in July and need this for my pixie cut.

    1. Congratulations! I can't find a source right now, but I'll definitely keep my eye out. Funny how when you search for bridal headband you can expect to pay $150 instead of $15...