December 1, 2014

Thrifty Holiday Decorating: Dessert Stand Decor

I paid a visit to my favorite local thrift shop this morning - Arc's Value Village - and found a really cute dessert stand. I knew it would be perfect for the holidays and I started playing with it as soon as I got home!

We just got our tree yesterday and all of the holiday decorations are still laying around, so it was easy to find some things to use on the dessert stand.

Check out how easy it was to turn the stand into a pretty decorative centerpiece that I can use from now until Christmas, when it gets filled with cookies and candies!

The dessert stand itself is chrome with 3 small ivory plates, so it's very versatile and something that I'll be able to use over and over again for any occasion! The price ... just $10.49!

I decided to tie mistletoe to the top handle. I just picked up a bit of fresh, real, mistletoe at Trader Joe's for $1.99 a few days ago and I've been looking for a place to hang it!

On the next level, I placed some pinecones and finished up with some swag and a candle on the bottom. All of those items were things that I already had and hadn't used yet.

When you put it all together, it looks quite nice! 

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