February 23, 2015

Sunny Skies on Sanibel Island, Florida

A few years ago, my sisters and I visited Sanibel Island, Florida for a rather huge milestone birthday - the big FIVE-OH - that one of us was celebrating. Though some of them had been to Sanibel many times, it was not only my first visit to Sanibel, but my first Florida beach experience. I always considered myself a WEST COAST kind of gal, but I learned that there are a lot things to love about the beaches in Florida!

The water is WARM! We were in Sanibel in May and it was hot and humid! I expected to hop into the water to cool off, and was totally surprised when I walked into the ocean. It was like a warm bath! Even in southern Cali the ocean is cold. I've never dipped a toe in when it wasn't!

Your bikini body is PERFECT! I packed a bikini for the trip, but wasn't feeling all that confident about my bikini body. Turns out that at Sanibel - nobody cares. At all. You'll see every kind of female body you can imagine in every kind of swimsuit you can imagine. Unlike Cali beaches, you won't be looking around at perfectly sculpted, tan bodies everywhere. They'll be tan, alright, but expect some wrinkles, some sun spots, some love handles, and some sagging. It's beautiful!

It is, possibly, the most laid back place in the world. I don't recall seeing a single jogger (it's WAY too hot in May for that nonsense) but I DO recall seeing a few mimosas in the morning. Just don't get so relaxed that you forget your sunscreen!

There are DOLPHINS in the water! They were only about 10 feet away from me and they kept popping up without any fear of us. Crazy cool. You can take a boat cruise to see them further out in the ocean, but for us they were just there. Right off the coast. Amazing!

The seashells were absolutely beautiful. One of my sisters is a sheller and has traveled the world to visit shell beaches so that she could add to her collection. In the morning, we'd all head to the beach and say our goodbyes to her, because she would wander for hours with her head hanging down - constantly in search of something new for her collection. I think she had to pack an extra suitcase to get all of her treasures back home!

Besides hanging out at the beach, we had a few outings. We went to the Nascrab Races at the Crow's Nest on Captiva Island. You choose a hermit crab, name it, and then cheer it on as it races against all of the other crabs to the edge of the table. It might just be one of those things where the more you drink the more fun you have. Just saying. The races happen every Monday and Thursday from October to August.

Doc Ford's was on the schedule for dinner outside on their deck where we feasted on Yucatan Shrimp while sipping Mojitos.

Visit www.sanibel-captiva.org for more information including what to do, where to stay, beach information, and more.

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