December 20, 2014

Books to DIE(t) For: Sorting Through the New Diet Books of 2014 {Self-Care Saturday}

To diet, or not to diet? That is the question. 'Tis the season! Christmas isn't here yet, but the TV commercials have already made the New Years Resolution transition... Medifast, Slimgenics, and OH so many more. The January issues of all of the magazines are hitting newsstands with all of the weight loss headlines you might expect. And of course, December 30th is the release date of several new diet books.

I thought I'd do a post today that was a quick summary of each of the diet and weight loss books that I've received over the last 6 months or so. It would allow all of us to learn what options there were for weight loss plans out there quickly and easily. That was the plan anyhow. Until I started the spreadsheet list of all of the diet books that I've received for review over the last 6 months or so.

December 18, 2014

Contemporary Modern MixUp with Modani Furniture

One of the reasons I love mid-century modern style so much is the clean lines of the furniture mixed with lots of natural elements. Lots of wood and lots of texture.

Modani is known for their contemporary, modern looks and I wanted to pull from my love of all things vintage - and my love of mid-century modern style - to create a modern room using one of their modern sofas as the PERFECT base for the room. It's sophisticated, comfortable, and neutral, so you can make it work with absolutely any style of decor for your living room.

December 16, 2014

Beautiful Boho Holiday Decor

I love eclectic holiday decorating and found some beautiful bohemian Christmas decor to share with you today. Enjoy!

To find the original source of these images and more, visit my Boho Christmas board on Pinterest!

December 12, 2014

Cozy Gifts that She'll LOVE from UGG

When I think Christmas, I think cozy! A warm mug of Tom & Jerry, a crackling fire, the soft glow of Christmas tree lights... SO COZY!

As a young girl, I got new pajamas every year for Christmas and I know that lots of families still have that tradition. As I was looking through different websites for my gift guides this year, I came across this SUPER cozy loungewear from Ugg that is TO DIE FOR!

I don't know any women that wouldn't love something cozy like this to wear in the evenings around the house - and the fact that this line comes from Ugg means that they are excellent quality that will last her for years!

Scroll down to see the great selection and to find out what special offers are available for readers of A Beautiful Little Life!

December 11, 2014

Beautiful Acts of Kindness: Flowers from Trader Joes

Brighten your week for WAY cheap! 
I stumbled across this story on Facebook this morning and was touched by the struggles of a mom to handle her mid-tantrum autistic toddler with a baby strapped across her chest at Trader Joe's. It's definitely worth reading because this family is AMAZING!

The Trader Joe's employee recognized the struggles of  this family and took the time to hand her a bouquet of flowers and offer a few kind words. So very touching.

It brought back my own memories of standing in the checkout lane at Trader Joe's with a few groceries and a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my now husband's mom, who was in the hospital. The chatty cashier asked who the lucky recipient was and I told her about Jeanette and her battle with cancer that was coming to an end. She put a sticker on the outside wrapper of the bouquet and said that the flowers were free. A small gift from Trader Joe's to help us and help brighten her day.

December 10, 2014

Taking Great Care With ALOHA When You Get Sick At Christmas

I've been sick since Saturday. Sinus headaches, stomachache, and just overall garbage. It's especially difficult this time of year when there is SO much to do, so little time, and ABSOLUTELY no time to be sick!

This morning I woke up so frustrated that I actually was feeling WORSE. I was actually angry at myself! Then I started thinking about WHY I am not getting better. I fall into old habits when I'm not feeling well. I lay around thinking that I need "rest" and eat things like toast, crackers, and gingerale. Not exactly the healthiest choices! I realized that it's time to really kick it into gear and start taking better care of myself!

December 7, 2014

A Day Late and A Dollar Short! Busy and Broke for the Holidays! {Self-Care Saturday}

Self-Care Saturday - on Sunday?

YEP! I'm so swamped these days that the LAST thing I could afford was a whole day down with a headache, but that's what I ended up with. I had no choice but to spend the day taking care of myself because I couldn't even move!

'Tis the season to be super busy, and to be stressing out about spending. This year, there seem to be more deals and sales than I've ever seen before. I'm pretty sure that black Friday is now EVERY Friday between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I've finished shopping, but I'm now to the point where I'm second guessing some of my choices and making a few returns. Yes, really!

So the struggle is to stay on track with work, blogging, etc. so that I don't fall behind, and stay on budget from now until Christmas. 17 days. How? I've been looking on-line for help! (with 5 other shopping tabs open...)

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