May 1, 2015

Celebrate May Day with an Awesome Giveaway from NOVICA!

A few weeks ago the folks over at NOVICA (the Nat Geo store) reached out to me and offered me a free gift card so that I could purchase any item I wanted from their website for review AND an additional gift card to give to my readers. What an amazing offer!

If you’re not familiar, NOVICA unites talented artisans from India, Africa, Central America, Asia and so many other places all over the world, who create a wide variety of products ranging from fair trade jewelry to home d├ęcor and unique gifts. Not only do you purchase a product, but you can learn about the lives of each artisan who is creating your treasure and support their passion. I had such a difficult time choosing just one thing from NOVICA with their very generous $40 gift card. Should I pick a rug? A piece of art? Jewelry? Eventually, I decided on one of their beautiful statement necklaces from the artist named Sasina in North Thailand.

April 30, 2015

Happy Camper Decorating Inspiration

I've been completely MIA this week from blogging because I've been busy cleaning and putting the first coat of primer on our new-to-us camper interior. Right now it's hard to keep the big picture in mind as I'm slaving away on the more tedious work. Thank goodness for Pinterest, where inspiration abounds!

Many of the photos that I've found are renovations done for backyard campers... trailers that have a permanent home and are not used to camp. In these little trailers I've seen things like concrete countertops, (very pretty, but can you imagine the impact on tow weight?) open shelving, (remove the doors from cabinets and as soon as you hit the highway everything would be on the floor!) and all white interiors. (hello DIRT!)

But a few have practical solutions that are not only very beautiful but would work very nicely in our little camper as we travel from campsite to campsite. Here are my favorite pics - some that have things that I'd like to use in our camper, and some that are pretty but not practical in hope that I can adapt and get the look without adding the weight!

April 24, 2015

Because "Likes" Can't Compare to "LOVE" - #TheUsProject!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Soffe for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

You could say that 2015 is the year of the selfie. Even a 2-year old knows what a selfie is and will gladly strike a pose! It seems to be our new reality. All of the social media platforms are based on photo sharing. It's been said that people post more than 1 million selfies every single day! What I think is totally interesting is that 91% of teens have posted a pic of themselves online - and 35% of 18-25 year-olds have admitted to altering their photos.

Cassie Ho, a fellow blogger at Blogilates, is famous for her 30-day workout challenges and I have personally received her monthly workout calenders. What I can't believe is that when this beautiful woman posts on YouTube or Instagram, she gets a ton of comments from people who say that she's fat! Comments like "Why do all trainers have a six-pack but not you?" "Take your career seriously and lose some weight." and "Your body is so pudgy. Try doing some crunches." She recently posted a video that has gone viral where she uses tools to alter a "selfie" to show what some might consider a perfect body. You can watch the video here, and you definitely SHOULD!

April 21, 2015

No Thigh Gap? No Problem! 6 Flowy Summer Skirts (And What to Wear Under Them)

Free People Queen of California Dress :: $98
 I love to wear flowy skirts and dresses in the summertime. They are 100 times more comfortable than shorts, and for a petite woman they are much more flattering than capri pants. A real problem for us ladies who don't have a gap big enough for a small child to walk through between our thighs is that icky, sticky feeling of skin on skin under your skirt - or even worse - chafing from thighs rubbing when you do a lot of walking.

Enter the SLIP SHORT! Unlike bike shorts or Spanx, slip shorts aren't meant for shaping... they're made of a silky, lightweight fabric that feels good against your skin and they are extremely comfortable! Also, unlike Spanx, you won't throw out your back just trying to put them on!