June 15, 2016

Sometimes More is More! The Maximalist Twist

I come by my hoarder tendencies naturally. My Grandma Squires, though she didn't have much, she saved EVERYTHING and her "little blue house" was a glorious collection of everything she loved. Although I can appreciate minimalist style, to me it just doesn't feel like HOME unless I'm surrounded by the things that I love.

June 13, 2016

On Tragedy, Our Need for Sanctuary, and Sharing Beauty

After yet another tragedy over the weekend, today has been a difficult day for me to write a blog post. It's easy to allow the news to become overwhelming when so many personal stories are everywhere I look. All I can do is keep the TV and radio turned off, avoid social media, and pull the covers up over my head, so to speak.

But it's not just the violence in Orlando that has gotten to me. It's "The Donald", "Hill", and "Bern". It's the Stanford rape. It's the bathroom boycotts. At some point don't you just want to make it all stop? I DO!

June 8, 2016

Summer Reading with Book of the Month

I know I've been missing in action for a while... I have been READING like crazy and I'm happy to have just gotten an email that my June selection from the Book of the Month Club has shipped and is on it's way.

My June book selection was Modern Lovers by Emma Straub but MAN I was torn between that selection and Before the Fall by Noah Hawley. Thankfully, I got a review copy of Before the Fall from the publisher and I've already started it. (and WHOA! It's sooo good!)

May 31, 2016

Super Simple Sorbets for Summer

Looking for an easy and delicious dessert to serve this summer? Check out these wonderful fruit sorbets that you can make in a flash!

May 26, 2016

A 1976 Fixer-Upper Home Gets a Makeover!

Click the link below, or if you click on the image, hit the BACK button on your browser to see the commentary for this amazing home makeover. I don't usually post this sort of thing, but this is, by far, the most amazing fixer-upper transformation I've seen!

My Houzz: Eclectic Bohemian Style in a 1976 Fixer-Upper