March 30, 2015

Spring Health Challenge: Stay Hydrated! #infusions

One of the things that absolutely everyone says is uber important when you're eating right and exercising is staying hydrated.. Drinking enough water is so important and yet it is SO difficult! Especially if you're like me and you don't like to drink straight water. It's so strange... if I'm in a restaurant I can pound down the ice water with my meal like there's no tomorrow! But here at home, forget about it!

If it's sweet - I like it. If it's fizzy - I like it. If it's sweet and fizzy - I love it! I've tried those flavored drops, and I like some of them quite a bit, but I don't love artificial sweeteners. I've tried using my soda stream to carbonate water and just add a bit of lemon, and I like it but I don't really drink very much of it. Of course I love sweet and fizzy sodas, but they add a huge number of empty calories and are definitely not going to help with weight loss.

March 27, 2015

Spring Health Challenge: Plant Power Salad in a Jar Recipe

I love salads in jars. I love it that you can prepare a bunch of jars on Sunday and have salads ready to go all week long. I love it that you can customize each salad to include a variety of ingredients so you don't get the same old thing every day. I love the way I feel when I eat at least one big, green salad every day.

When I found this recipe for a power salad in a jar on - I wanted to share it with you!

I love that it's chock full of good for you fuel to get you through the day!

Spring Health Challenge: 30 Day Weight Loss Lab

Last week I mentioned in a post that I had registered to participate in the 30 Day Weight Loss Lab and I wanted to circle back and let you know a bit more about this awesome program that Josh Anderson created.

I've always wanted to have a "personal trainer" - someone who would hold me accountable and give me step by step instructions on what to do. There is SO MUCH information out there about weight loss and fitness that I get overwhelmed and I have a hard time deciding what to do. Or, I do the opposite and I jump in with both feet but it doesn't last... I burn out or "fall off the wagon" and give up.

The 30 Day Weight Loss Lab is something completely different. Each day, you get online instruction letting you know exactly what you need to do. From taking selfies and baseline measurements on day one, to daily fitness workouts that you can do absolutely anywhere, to nutrition instruction!

March 25, 2015

Spring Health Challenge: No More Yo-Yo!

Today is my first day of the Spring Health Challenge! I'm doing all of the official things, like weighing in and taking measurements, but I'm also doing lots of other things to help prepare myself for this journey in to good health!

I always get really trippy when I DIET and this is going to be my first weight loss challenge with me absolutely refusing to DIET. Yes, I'm trying to lose weight, but my brain has enough to manage without adding in calorie counting, counting steps, or any other counting in general.

So what's my plan? Good question!

March 20, 2015

Spring Shopping MUST SEE Deals!

Image from – Illustration by Huan Tran
My email box is chock full of awesome spring shopping specials today, and I had to share some of my very favorites with you!