February 26, 2013

Global Touches for the Home

My hubby and I went to a fundraiser for aid to Kenya last Saturday night and they had some wonderful African items on display for their silent auction. I couldn't resist bidding on several items and brought home some beautiful things!

Our biggest purchase was a beautiful basket that was woven in Uganda by women who work with NAWOU. Basket weaving empowers women with income to support their families, increased self-confidence and independence, and gives them a stronger voice within their communities.

We also purchased these rustic candlestick holders. I don't know anything about their origin, and I haven't thought to chat with the event organizers about it, but was instantly drawn to them.

February 24, 2013

Sunday Mornings Mewing

Sunday morning used to mean sleeping in, a late breakfast, lazily reading the Strib and a peaceful, relaxing start to the week.

My Sunday mornings lately remind me of when I had little ones waking up at 7:00 AM and wanting to play... Only this little one wakes me to the sound of tiny claws trying to climb up the velvet drapes in the bedroom. Or mewing because she's stuck behind the wicker headboard. Or pouncing on the fluffy duvet as if instead of sleeping humans the bed held large cat toys.

When I do finally surrender and roll out of bed, before I've finished my morning cup of coffee I'm breaking up my first cat fight. When we adopted Snowball I envisioned that Gypsy would love having a kitten in the house and that they would curl up together, play together and get along famously. That hasn't happened. Instead I keep a squirt bottle of water on the coffee table so I can stop the chase that inevitably happens once the food dishes are empty.

I miss my lazy Sunday mornings with my hubby! I really, REALLY miss sleeping in. I know that, like my boys, Snowball will mature and hopefully our peaceful Sunday mornings will return. In the meantime, I think I'll need a second cup of coffee.

February 20, 2013

Work at Home Style

On a super cold winter day like today, it's all about cozy clothes and hot coffee!

Work at Home Wednesday

February 17, 2013

Sunday Brunch: Classic Fresh Apple Cake

I love Sunday mornings. Slow to rise, easy hours spent relaxing and reading the newspaper... One of my favorite things to do is to make a big breakfast on Sundays, but today I'm more in the mood for something simple.

February 16, 2013

Tax Day Saturday

I have a LOT to get done this weekend, but pulling together tax information for our accountant is at the top of my list! Because I work as an independent contractor, I have a lot of deductions to keep track of! I keep everything throughout the year, but it's scattered all over. I have receipts in the car, in my file cabinet, in my purses (yes purses... I know that there are receipts in my summer purses that reside on the top shelf of my closet this time of year.) and one thing that doesn't change - year after year - is my mad scramble at tax time to find it all and pull it together!

February 14, 2013

All Natural Body Spray for Men - DIY

For Valentine's Day, I wanted to give my husband a homemade body spray, something that smelled great and was all natural so I could throw away the Axe body spray that he sometimes uses and makes me want to THROW UP! I started with a base scent that I knew I loved. It's made by Kiehl's and it's their classic Musk Essence Oil. I picked up a bottle at Macy's last Christmas and I've been dying to use it!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air and I can't think of a better day than Valentine's Day to kick off my blog, which will be all about celebrating the small, beautiful things in life every day! 

It's not about living simply... it's about loving and appreciating every minute of your day for what it is. It's about sharing yourself with those around you to help make their world a brighter place. It's about making your life beautiful NOW! Not waiting until you can afford new furniture or a dream vacation.

I'm not a professional decorator (in any way, shape or form) but making our home a reflection of who we are as a family is a huge priority for me! I had a close friend once tell me that when she walked in the door of our house, she felt like she could breathe. At the time, she was having problems in her marriage and the fact that I had created a sort of sanctuary for her in my home was the best compliment I could have ever gotten! Our continually evolving home will definitely be a big part of what I feature here on A Beautiful Little Life.  I also love fashion, cooking, healthy living, DIY projects and more! You can expect to see lots of the best Pinterest projects done here. (I'm a TOTAL Pinterest junkie, as you'll be able to tell if you visit my boards. pinterest.com/tahlm.

Finding Your Beautiful Little Life!

I hope that you'll travel along with me as I take this leap into blogging. I have a lot of projects planned, including making an ALL NATURAL DEODORANT BODY SPRAY for my hubby, (no more AXE is the goal here!) hacking an IKEA daybed to go from white laminate to a beautiful, luxurious nest, taking a hot air balloon ride over the Saint Croix River and so much more!

You can subscribe to my posts by email, follow me on pinterest, facebook and twitter. If you have any ideas for A Beautiful Little Life and what you'd like me to feature, please let me know!