April 30, 2013

Estate Sale Scores PART II

Here are pics of the "desk" and nightstand I scored last weekend at the estate sale.
Check them out!

April 28, 2013

Cut up a watermelon in 2 minutes!

I've been dying for watermelon and bought my first one of the season today! It's not the best I've had, but it's delicious nonetheless. Thanks to C for telling me about this awesome trick!

First, cut both ends off of the watermelon.
Slice away the outside rind, working your way around until all you have left is the melon.
Cut it in half, then slice each half and flip them so that the slices run horizontally...
Like this!
Slice each stack, then rotate and slice again the other way to make cubes.
Seriously! About 2 minutes. Including rinsing and drying my hands to take all of these pictures!
A great pile of watermelon in no time at all!

April 26, 2013

Estate Sale Scores!

pair of white vintage lamps
I was making a quick run to CVS this morning and saw a sign for an estate sale. I really CANNOT drive past an estate sale, so I went to check it out. 

They had a TON of stuff and it was priced to sell! It's been a very long time since I bought anything with the intention of reselling it, but I couldn't pass these things up - and I certainly can't keep it all! I'll be listing some of these great things on eBay in the next few days! As soon as I have them up, I'll post a link.

April 22, 2013

Earth Friendly Henna Hair Dye

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I'd feature a post on using Henna to color your hair. Henna is becoming more and more popular as a safe alternative to traditional hair dye. It's totally safe to use on every type of hair - permed, bleached, tinted, or "virgin" hair and creates natural, vibrant highlights.

I've used it several times to not only cover up the %*>!@$ gray hair that is becoming more and more present, but also to give my hair a bit more body and shine. Of all of the brands that I've used, I like Aviga Henna the best. You can buy it at some food coop stores, or you can order online from somewhere like Ball Beauty.

April 6, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

I love stopping into the local thrift store to see what they have. It's kind of like a treasure hunt for me and I stop in frequently. Sometimes I find a TON of great stuff, and sometimes I find nothing. It's always hit or miss, but today I found some great treasures for spring!

I love the bag and can't wait to take it to the beach this summer! It's absolutely gorgeous - there's no way that a picture can do it justice, but I'll try!

And the vest is one of those things that you can throw on over leggings and a tank top to go run errands.

Summer Bag - $5.99
Vest / Top - $5.99
Shoes Sofft - $1.99!

And a pair of perfect fitting Old Navy jeans for $5.99. It's awesome when the thrifty gods smile down on me!

April 2, 2013

Delicious Egg Bake - Perfect for Brunch!

I've still been feeling a bit under the weather... I don't know if it's allergies because of the snow melt, the beginnings of buds starting to pop out on the trees or what's going on but I can't seem to shake this yucky feeling. Thankfully, I have lots of leftovers from the weekend and I've not had to cook much!

A big hit around here on Easter morning was a super simple egg bake that I made with ham, red peppers, onion and spinach. My son said it was the best egg bake that I had ever made!