April 28, 2016

Seven New Beauty Ideals from Happinez Magazine

I found this wonderful list on the Happinez Blog. Make sure that you head over there to check them out, and check out their awesome new magazine. Their message is SO IMPORTANT! In fact, this post is so good, I didn't want to change a single word of it, so I'm copying it verbatim.

April 26, 2016

A Murder Mystery in Minneapolis...

So ever since I saw Neil and Sam on "Married at First Sight" go to a Murder Mystery Theater on a date, I wondered what it would be like... And when I had the chance to check it out for myself right here in Minneapolis, I said "Heck, yea!"

April 13, 2016

Taking Up A New Hobby // Vintage Tarot Sets

If you're a fan of vintage games and particularly table games - the chances are you're going to love vintage Tarot sets. The whole world of Tarot kind of lends itself to the vintage world given its mystical ancient nature - lost in the mists of time. What's more - they're a great addition to the look of a vintage queen looking for that mystical "Gypsy Rose Lee" or general ancient seer type of vibe; a great Tarot set really finishes things off to perfection - and allows you to foretell a few futures along the way.