November 22, 2016

DIY Rustic Organic Autumn Wreath

I haven't filled my planters out front with evergreens yet, and my front door has been looking mighty bare since all of my flowers are finished for the year. I wanted to create something for Thanksgiving that could last through the holiday season, and I went to my backyard for inspiration!

November 17, 2016

The Art of Thanksgiving // Gathering During Challenging Times

How do you handle it when in just one week you know that you'll be gathering with friends and family during one of the most difficult political times this country has experienced in my lifetime? When you're "unfriending" people on Facebook, "unfollowing" on Twitter, and really being careful to surround yourself with like-minded people, the thought of sitting down with a roomful of family members you KNOW voted differently than you can cause nightmares!

When you take a step back and focus on the reason for gathering - the giving of thanks for the abundance we have, the friends and family we share it with, and the home we have opened to share for the day - you can look beyond the current political climate and create a truly special day. You can use your home, your shared gratitude, and your love of pie to come together again and heal the great political divide!

November 9, 2016

Safe at Home // Creating Sanctuary for the Spirit

© Crazy80frog | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
A Beautiful Little Life is not a political blog. I haven't expressed my views thus far, and I didn't plan to. But today I am one of the many women in America that are afraid. Afraid because our new president (#notmypresident) is a sociopath. Afraid because he has fired up hate across America for months. Afraid for women who felt secure and valued in a society with a presidential candidate that promised them equal pay and protection from sexual assault.

Afraid because when Hillary told us that we needed to decide what kind of country we wanted to live in, we did NOT pick the kind of country that would choose Trump as our leader. As I work to come to terms with reality, I know that - as a Hillary supporter - I have my work cut out for me. And yet, I don't know where to begin to claim my role in creating a safer country.

I do, however, know how to help women create a space for themselves in their home that is a sanctuary, a place where they feel safe and able to protect their families, and a place that empowers them to move forward with their work to create the country we want!