April 10, 2018


Thank you SO MUCH to my loyal readers who have been letting me know that things just aren't right here at A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE LIFE.

No, the links aren't all working properly. Yes, many of the photos (especially the collages from what used to be Polyvore) are gone. And heaven help you if you subscribe to get site updates via email because you've been bombarded with emails as I go through each... and... every... post... on... the... site... to fix it.

Please be patient. And get ready to REALLY party with me when I finally get all of my shit together!

Enter to WIN! Why not #FuelABetterYou?

This post brought to you by Nutrisystem, Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

I often post about fitness and healthy eating, so when information showed up in my inbox about this sweepstakes, I definitely wanted to share it! It's from Nutrisystem and they have been helping people lose weight for over 40 years by delivering food and meal programs directly to their door. It's super convenient and a great way to learn how to lose weight and live healthier.
The thing that I like the most about Nutrisystem is that they provide live counseling online and over the phone so you don't have to go to a weight loss center or weigh in publicly. It's all done in the privacy of your own home and it's so empowering! With a motto like "Fuel Your Goals. Fuel Your Greatness." you know they are working to bring out the best in you.
The Nutrisystem Fuel A Better You Sweepstakes is a great way to try their food, and with over 150 perfectly portioned® entrees and snacks on the menu, you're sure to find all of your favorites! They also offer vitamins, supplements, cookbooks and lots of other weight loss tools.

Yes, um, that's FREE FOOD!  All you have to do is head on over to the Nutrisystem Facebook Page, click on the "sweepstakes" tab, fill out the entry form and click on the "enter" button.
  • Four (4) Winners who will receive one Nutrisystem® Select® program with 28 days of food products delivered to their door 
  • One (1) Grand Prize Winner who will receive one Nutrisystem® Select® program with 28 days of food products delivered to their door and five hundred dollars ($500) cash.
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nutrisystem, but the opinions are all mine so head on over to the Nutrisystem Facebook Page and enter to win!


February 15, 2018

On Treating Children with Respect and Dignity

I'm not a psychologist. I'm not an expert on child development. I'm not even actively parenting a child these days as my boys are grown and gone - off living their own beautiful lives! This post is me putting my thoughts into writing. It's a loooong and wordy post - about a topic that is usually not my thing - but I have words that I feel have to be said, and hopefully they will be heard.

After yet another school shooting, I see so many people in an uproar about gun control - and rightfully so. There is a need for tighter gun control laws here in the U.S. without a doubt. But I feel like there is also a need for us to address something that's impossible to regulate... the way that we treat our youth in this country, especially in schools.